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Twin-Arm Mixer

Salva Twin-Arm Mixer

The SALVA-SAUS twin-arm mixers range ishighly versatile and resistant. Essential forbakers aiming to loyally reproduce traditionalhand mixing. Given the high oxygenationof the dough and the low temperature increaseindex, it is suitable for doughs of anymoisture range in baking or cake making.Essential for maximum quality in high moisture,wholemeal and rye doughs.The twin-arm mixers are designed to be themost robust on the market. Their cast ironbody absorbs the vibrations produced duringoperation. The design of the kinematic chainprovides balance throughout the unit. All themechanical components are reinforced, fittedwith steel castors, and have hardenedshafts mounted on constantly lubricatedbearings and gears.

Technical Specification:

Type: AB-25

Flour: 25 kg

Dough: 40 kg

Width: 745 mm

Height (Closed): 1.260 B’
Height (Open): 1.290 B’

Depth: 720 mm

CV: 1.3/1.8

kW: 0.9 / 1.2

Bowl: 500 x 340

Weight: 280kg

Twin-Arm Mixer

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