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Al Massam Technical Services

"Providing Superior Products, Service, and Solutions"

Why us?

Al Massam Technical Services offers its professional engineering services in the building and infrastructure industry. It is registered in the Emirates of Dubai and has an extensive professional and technical expertise in electromechanical project operation and management, involving detailed planning, programming, monitoring, and reporting on each project.


We have in-house facilities with fabrication capabilities for airconditioning, fire fighting & fire alarm, electrical, plumbing water supply & drainage works to design and installation.


We have 24/7 ready and well-trained staff, technicians, and laborers provided with modest accommodation facilities. Al Massam Technical Services has a professional management team with a progressive, pro-active outlook that gives emphasis on detailed planning and careful monitoring of each project, large or small.


In the past, Al Massam Technical Services has done mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works and completed several projects to the full satisfaction of the main contractors, consultants, and direct clients.


Al Massam Technical Services endeavors to bring to its clients the best that this industry has to offer. Through our experience in serving the market, we have obtained the knowledge and thorough understanding of all the disciplines of contracting business - cost wise, and delivery of the project on time as we strive to satisfy this particular need of all our clients.


We understand that the contract industry is a fast pace and dynamic sector, therefore, we will continue to see and introduce the best approach and solutions to address its needs.


One of the primary differentiating factors our company have, compared with the rest in the industry is the level of support, we as owners provide our team. As a locally-owned company, we are not driven solely by profit, rather we are dedicated to delivering what the client actually needs. Reputation and reliability to us are more important than profit.

"We are committed to bringing the best techno-commercial solutions for all our clients in the industry". This is our motto.

Our Mission and Vision


"To be the premier MEP Contractor, a provider of the highest quality Engineering Services, and to implement solutions for achieving full customer satisfaction delivered through the safe technical competence and professional integrity of all our employees"


Words such as Integrity, loyalty, and Customer Satisfaction while routinely used words without meaning in business today, we have always taken these words seriously. The mission of Al Massam Technical Services is to build on our reputation for integrity, excellence, experience, and leadership as one of the nation's finest contracting companies by:

• Continuously improving the quality of our work and services.

• Constantly striving to achieve each client's expectations.

• Maintaining our dedication & momentum to the highest moral principles.

• Providing our people with a challenging, secure, and safe environment to achieve personal career goals.


"Building a partnership with our customers is paramount in creating a long-term relationship; this has always been the vision and the goal of Al Massam Technical Services. Our philosophy has proven that working together with clients as partners, truly does create more than just a business opportunity; it creates a long-term professional relationship".


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