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Roller Kneader

Salva Roller Kneader

The SALVA-SAUS roller kneader is designedfor slow kneading of all types ofdoughs. Spiral rollers have been used bythe most demanding bakers since breadproduction became industrialised. Madefrom high-quality materials: robust steelchassis, AISI 304 dough trough and stainlesssteel-aluminium alloy spirals whichare subsequently hardened and polished.Optimal reliability thanks to its geartransmission system with continuousoil lubrication. Fitted with 2 work speedsand timer. Can optionally be fitted with anelectronic control panel.

Technical Specification:

Type: AR-200

Flour: 200 kg

Dough: 300 kg

Width: 1280 mm

Height (Closed): 1240 B’
Height (Open): 2150

Depth: 1530 mm

Height to Bowl: 840 mm

Hz: 50

Motor 230v: 2.2/3.7 kW

Motor 400v:  2/3 kw

Weight: 750kg

Roller Kneader

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