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Refrigerated Display VEP-9-20-C

Docriluc Refrigerated Display VEP-9-20-C


• Design focused for bakery, with two shelves at the
exposure and three standard lighting
• Interior and exterior finish in plastic coated steel
• Display area and counter in stainless steel AISI-304
• Smooth deck for display area, stepped at on demand
• Sides available in ABS injected, 40 mm thickness
• Anodised aluminium profiles
• Front rubber bumper
• Toughened glass, two versions curved hinges forward
• Glass shelves non refrigerated
• Standard lighting:top worktop,lower shelf and front
• 40 Kg/m³ density polyurethane insulation, low GWP
and zero ODP effect
• Refrigerated under storage with doors 440x270 free
(except neutral model)
• Static evaporator, ventilated as optional
• Ventilated condensation and automatic defrost
evaporation as standard
• Electronic temperature controller
• External thermometer
• Automatic defrost, electric as optional
• Climate class 3 (25°C 60%Hr) regime M1
• Working voltage single phase 220V 50Hz

• Length: 2025 mm

• Storage: 0,67
• Display: 1,31 m ²
• Door: 3
• Frig. Power: 880 watts
• Consumption: 1277 watts
• Refrigerant: R404a
• Voltage: 230v 60Hz / 115v 60Hz.

Refrigerated Display VEP-9-20-C


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